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L.P.T. - Lesbians with Power Tools

[SGD 5/6/2020: This article has been removed. This link to it (L.P.T. - Lesbians with Power Tools) was removed from the     Extentions / Modules / MinistryProjects (page)]


Going on the idea that lesbians love power tools and therefore know how to use them correctly, the group known as LPT -- Lesbians with Power Tools -- was formed several years ago.  Members, along with a couple of gay men who were made honorary LPTs, have completed several projects at the church as well as within the community.  These include the stairs, access ramp and deck outside the office building behind the church; the combination bookcase/wall which divides the sanctuary from the storage area; the enclosure around the sound equipment area; and an access ramp at the home of our former office manager, Pollie.  They also perform much of the building maintenance, such as keeping the exterior in good repair.  As their schedules allow, LPT members help community members at their homes.  The homeowner provides the materials and LPT provides the workers.  All they ask for their labor is a donation to the church.

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