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Metropolitan Community Church of Knoxville

7820 Redeemer Lane
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Phone (865) 531-2539

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

With God’s help, the Metropolitan Community Church of Knoxville strives to be a wellspring of acceptance, hope and reconciliation for the diverse people of East Tennessee, with a special focus on LGBTQ&I communities. Anchored in Christ’s teachings, we actively promote, nurture and sustain spiritual growth, peace, compassion, and economic, ecological and social justice. We provide a safe place of worship for all persons seeking a spiritual home, accepting one another just as we are.



  • To celebrate God manifested in every single person.
  • To model Christ and share God’s immutable love.
  • To be God’s hands, feet, and voice sharing the story of Love.



  • Technological advancement that reaches a broader audience, those in remote areas, and those still closeted.
  • A thriving ministry to a larger youth population.
  • Community engagement that nurtures an ongoing sense of mission, purpose, and fellowship.
  • Development of leaders and disciples who can guide non-traditional activities and environments that broaden and expand the boundaries of “church."

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